Kevin opens the door to his full potential | Case Study


Kevin opens the door to his full potential | Case Study

Posted on 04 October 2023

Kevin opens the door to his full potential | Case Study

​Kevin has autism, right-sided weakness and echolalia – he communicates in certain phrases that mean a great deal to him but not to anyone else who does not know him well. He uses a wheelchair and requires 24-hour care to live independently within the community.​

Before being supported by Ambient, Kevin rarely ventured into the world, having been surrounded by the attitude that “he can’t” or “he won’t be able to cope”.

This closed the door on his potential for a bigger, better and brighter life. Kevin’s behaviours remained challenging and he continued to refuse to exit the property, or indeed enter anywhere new.

The Ambient team made informed choices about Kevin’s care plan, redefining how his needs had been approached in the past, and now filling it with opportunities for growth, happiness, choice and independence. Their intensely personalised support of Kevin’s unique needs was combined with patience, compassion and determination, and they started to see a change.

Slowly at first, the Ambient team introduced Kevin to activities in the community, and each time, his behaviours became less challenging. He started to enjoy new experiences and was excited for each new day.

Support workers helped Kevin to understand that leaving your comfort zone is worth the risk; that no matter what happens, life is about experiencing new things, and the Ambient staff will always be right beside him.

This filled Kevin with such confidence, that in October 2019, he was able to go on his first holiday.

The Ambient team researched and planned the trip and it turned out to be a breakthrough in his life.

A year ago, Kevin was almost housebound and fearful of going out his front door. Now, he attends parties, visits family, and participates in his favourite activities daily.

The Ambient Team Leader that supported Kevin said: “All the staff are so proud. There was so much fun and laughter on the holiday and that has continued now we are back at home. Going on this trip was the best thing we could have done and is a perfect example of the impact Ambient makes to people’s lives”.

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